First post, New Guitar

I'm Cindy for those of you who don't know me. I'm an artist and also learning guitar repair, building, and custom work. I reside in Brooklyn and work in Manhattan. I'm interested in oddities and antiques, music, art, photography, basically anything different or unique and this blog will be a sort of collection of all these things. Hopefully I will be able to start posting regularly very soon but I have a limited amount of time and computer availability at the moment(I have to get my Mac fixed up). I'll be posting this build for now which is the first custom guitar I am building to sell. I work with the amazing Rick Kelly at Carmine Street Guitars.

This particular build is an S-Style SLIGHTLY downsized- it's NOT really a "mini". It's going to have a 24 and 3/4 scale. It's made of Chumley's Speakeasy and has a Chelsea Hotel neck. Pine. The first photo is of the template drawn on the board and second of the body being glued after I cut it out on the bandsaw.  The third photo is of the back body contour ready to be cut on the star carver and the fourth of the actual cutting. Fifth, the headstock thickness being taken down on the pin router and sixth of me working on the neck on the pin router. Will update more as this progresses. xx



IMG_4785IMG_4790 IMG_4804 IMG_4803