A new design/project

No updates on the moto yet- I now have to find the best leather for it; but here's a new one I am working on.This one is going to have a bunch of wood burning done- and will be in our Halloween window display this year at the shop. It won't exactly be "Halloween themed" but it will be up for sale a I am saving details for later on, it's not close enough yet. First one we've made, though, so keep an eye out for more updates especially if you want the first of something super unique. Rick is also working on something very special here and there (and by that I mean working even harder than normal 'cos he's of course still got constant crazy orders) to finish for the window. Very exciting!!

So, it's based of a design just like the LesG we've made except it's "the other way".

Some photos of the process so far, from the template make to gluing the binding, which we just did today.