Birthday Days and Sneak Previews

It'll be my birthday in a couple days and Kel surprised me early with some awesome gifts! I've got a thing for victorian ormolu/vitrine jewelry boxes and have always wanted some skulls for reference with art and just to have to add to my antiques/oddities collection so Kel surprised me with some! Funny thing, I've been into skulls for so long and haven't ever bought or really looked for any.. So, I'm super happy; inspiration! Will definitely be doing some still life drawing and painting with these soon, keep an eye out 'cos I'll be posting.He also bought me my first tool for when I start my work bench at home- Snap-on screwdriver! Too neat! A photo of what I will be looking at all day today.. A sneak preview featured of the western/Gretsch(Knotty Pine/Roundup)-inspired custom order I am working on at the moment, as well. And a photo of the Bowery Pine that will be going up for sale on the Facebook page soon(pickguard by me). This one's a real beaut! Xx