Moto Inlays, my Alchemy Hand, and New Pickguard

Some quick update photos of the inlay process, a bit of an experiment dealing with the matte black paint but it's coming along pretty neat. Ive now got the black paint on the neck so I'll add newer photos soon.Got a neat Alchemy hand from the Englishtown Auction this past Sunday. Also a Gremlin pin, which I love so much. Shop visitors are getting a kick out of the hand, a new addition to my collection of crazy things. Also visited my grandfather's grave for the first time since he passed. Thought I'd post some photos of all this. More sneak previews of a new pickguard. Also, I stained the Gretsch-inspired t-style today. Looks great, gonna put the final coat on soon so those photos will be posted along with more of the moto neck as I said.