Updates in NYC and the Shop

              Another one gone, Pearl Paint is closed for good. One of the windows behind it's gate now reads "Hussy". And so many other places.. Including really awesome buildings in Harlem that have always been some of my favorites.. The fence across the street which had a matte black building next to it with a painted window on it. I'll have to find an early photo of that on my computer someday soon. The fence is bare now.   Milady's..

I went to Texas for the first time for a wedding.  Went into some antique/oddities places of course. Saw the Beer Can House, a whole lot of sky and a whole lot of rain. Photos..

Two of my favorite things I saw in the antique shop.


The Beer Can House cat loved me.


A guy named Mark makes cars for the annual Houston Art Car Show and lived around the corner from where I was staying in Houston. Neat stuff. 

I've finished another pickguard and am starting on my first full T order, burned and stained which I am aiming to have completed by August. I'm also working on two body pyrography orders and a couple pickguards. More photos soon for sure.    


Also, the Moto Guitar is Koji's now, wasnt expecting it gone so soon or at all really! Keep an eye out for more leather work now. Koji and Masa come by every year and pick up a guitar and so this year it was mine they left with.