"If one plan won't do, then another must." - J.A.R.

I've been working hard on GiamPaolo's custom job, which is all NYC themed taking up the whole back of his T. He's asked for CBGB//OMFUG, the Dakota//Strawberry Fields, the Knitting Factory, Electric Lady Studios, Bowery Ballroom, the Apollo Theatre, 96-98 St. Mark's//Physical Graffiti album cover, and the Brooklyn Bridge.Anyway, the Brooklyn Bridge is on the top part of the back which reminded Kell of a book he had read once called The Great Bridge by David McCullough. I came in one morning and there it was sitting on my bench. I've started reading it and I'm not too far in but there are already some really great quotes I wanted to post on here.

The Great Bridge tells the story of how the Brooklyn Bridge came to be and what makes it so special; it seems to include any and all details you'd want to know(and much more) and Kell thought it would be important for me to understand the structure more since it is a big part of this job, being such a realistic and detailed perspective.

I'll include some photos on here of what's going on so far but here is another quote I found interesting first..(this is a quote about the mastermind who designed and went forth to start building the bridge; his name was John Augustus Roebling).

"One if his strongest moral traits was his power of will, not a will that was stubborn, but a certain spirit, tenacity of purpose, and confident reliance upon self... An instinctive faith in the resources of his art that no force of circumstance could divert him from carrying into effect a project once matured in his mind..." - Charles B. Stuart, an engineer and author who knew Roebling.

Times have certainly changed since all those years ago but I think it's no less important to carry those characteristics in whatever you do in life and I think most of you reading this can probably relate in some way. It goes all the same with another quote out of an English essay Roebling and his brother had brought over when coming to the United States(Roebling had brought quite a few books with him) "No man was ever great by imitation." Push your limits and learn all you can, the difference between reference or inspiration and copying can change everything.

Process shots.. This thing may just be done tomorrow(at least the artwork may be).

IMG_0029 IMG_0209 IMG_0225 IMG_0362 IMG_0420 IMG_0434 I'll post some more very soon; look out for the leather jag, too. That's just about near done- Only things left is stitching on the leather pickgurd and cutting out the logo(I'm doing that by hand with a jewelers saw). Xx