Leather, Burning, and Lennon

Some photo updates on the leather jag I was working on.. Still yet to finish up some last minute things. I've had to travel a bit lately so I am catching up again. Giampaolo's custom is done. I have finished the custom pickguard  James ordered- John Lennon//Goryeo Celadon "Free as a Bird" themed pickguard and am working on finishing the Dia de los Muertos T for Daniel, the first full custom guitar order I've had.


   The link to the information of the vase can be found here: http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/hd/cela/hd_cela.htm

More updates and posting soon.

Also, for those of you interested on Pinterest.. https://www.pinterest.com/chulej/

My new website is being worked on currently but I'll have it up soon, still posting process shots on here of course. Xx