1983... (A Merman I Should Turn To Be)

I am constantly apologizing for not posting daily or at least weekly but truly I am working a lot right now -75 hours per week actually, so hang in there on my updates! I am working steady on guitars either way and will have lots of stuff up within the next few weeks.

Some interesting things have gone on. I am finally finishing up the Dia de los Muertos guitar(I've got the neck done, just finishing up the wood burning and staining- then obviously wiring and assembly which won't take long), starting to work on the Jimi Hendrix(song) themed order, and a birthday/Christmas gift guitar that I will post probably around mid-January. Here's what's gone on in my life since I last posted..

First thing, I got on an empty B train one morning on my way to the shop already looking at where I wanted to sit from outside the train window and this was written down right next to the seat, no body in the car except me- I got a kick out of it. Maybe you will too, or maybe not but here it is!

FullSizeRender 17 I've been working on a lot of things. I finally finished the stitching on the Pick Pocket Moto Guard and the logo for the Moto Jag. I used a coping saw for nearly all of the cutting, everything done by hand for it. My friend Carol helped me with the first Pick Pocket Moto Guard(stitching, putting the pocket in and all) She hired me to start working at her old school shop on Bleecker Street(called Native Leather). I only do once a week but it's very helpful especially for future moto and harness work. It's been there generations for those of you who haven't been there yet, definitely worth a trip. She's got a lot of leather stuff but also has hats, knives, clothing, keychains, boot straps, belts, belt buckles, badges, bolo ties, etc. (And great gloves, the ones I was trying on in that photo I had to take home ha) It's actually one of the first places I went in on one of my first trips to the city looking for a little leather jacket when I was a kid.

Fancy new layout on the site here for the photographs.. trying to keep things in order and easier to scroll through so I hope this is helping you guys. I'll now have some great videos, as well; Easiest way to do this was YouTube, so Cindy Guitars now has a YouTube channel! Everything on there will be on here most likely, at least for now but I'm sure Carmine Street Guitars will have one soon, which I will post about.


I finished up a pick guard for our friend Charley; a custom order of the silhouette of the New York skyline. (Rick and I have been waiting for someone to order something like that- I have more ideas working with the New York skyline so keep an eye out) I do need to get better photos of this one but this is what I have so far. I didn't have my nice camera with me the day he picked it up. Raw and then shellacked...

Some *process shots* on the Dia de los Muertos Cindy order.. First full Cindy order, actually. This whole face of the guitar will have artwork on it.



My birthday is the 20th of November. I got some really neat stuff including tickets to Kings Theatre for a private tour from Bret. Kings is a beautiful theatre recently completely restored(built in 1929 and closed in 1977) that I've been following for years since I moved to Flatbush. The construction guys were nice enough to let me in and see it under restoration a couple summers but I hadn't been there yet since it was completed. They've had about 80 shows now and it's nice to see it's doing well. Some shots from the tour..

And of course my bench.. haha, Rick makes the best birthday signs. FullSizeRender 15

I'm working on the pin-up pickguard that I started a while ago. A process/rough shot of that for anyone who may be interested.. Lotsa babes, this one's gonna look great, though- maybe on a black t? I don't know that I'm putting any colour on this one yet.

FullSizeRender 31

There is now a bench in the apartment by the way! Rick gave me a couple really cool old piano tops some years back and one of them finally got put to good use! I'll have some great shots of it as it's finished up.

You all know how much I love New York and it's history.. For those of you who have never seen Greenwich Village's (awesome) Locksmith I took some photos of it a few weeks back.

Talking about the Village... Rick wanted to repaint the basement door so he rushed one night when it was a bit rainy out, thinking he had some solid spray paint to use and maybe it'd work out okay - only to realize it was indoor latex paint later on, so we got to the shop the next day to find this....  Try not to laugh... The landlady has black paw prints going up the stairs in her house. IMG_1089

We have our stockings up in the shop, all the Bum Squad- it's worth stopping by just to see those funny things. I'll take photo soon and post it closer to Christmas. I do have a photo of this.. yes, I do actually own this now..hahah; the first and only "ugly Christmas sweater" I've ever put on which is perfect 'cos I absolutely love the Gremlins. FullSizeRender 21 Speaking of the Gremlins, there he is sitting on my couch! With my copy of Banksy's Dismaland the gallery director brought back for me from England. IMG_1112

Also- keep your eyes open for Jim Jarmush's newest movie.  Rick and I have modified an acoustic guitar for it which I won't post yet.. But here's an article.. Jim Jarmusch New Movie He stopped by the other day to get some work done on his own acoustic and told us he's been filming a little bit around the block from the shop. Not the best photo but here it is... (we have a really great polaroid together when I was blonde which was hilarious - my hair was white blonde for nearly ten years and the first day I met him we were both wearing blue jean button ups, black pants, and black overcoats so we looked like twins) A photo to post soon I think! :P

FullSizeRender 27

Last thing- Pick up a copy of the upcoming issue of Vintage Guitar Magazine; I believe it's coming out within the next couple weeks.. The first Cindy Guitars ad/new Kelly Carmine Street ad will be in it. Also the issue after that, which is the NAMM issue! XxX