Mini Documentary//Inspiration

For those of you who haven't seen it yet.. We just did for the first time the other day and think it's great. Thanks very much Joey, if you're reading! Thought you guys may enjoy it, though, and get a good sense of the shop and what Carmine Street/Kelly Guitars are all about. I'm very proud to be in it and be working at the shop with Rick.

Haven't posted many favorites//inspiration in a  while..

Zdzislaw Beksinski, love all of the videos online of him but here's a couple of them.. Thought it was interesting in the second link where he was talking about how similar Xenakis and Schnittke's sounds/harmonies are, yet one is emotional for him and the other he disliked- reminded me of the NY Times article I linked to a post or two back on what makes music sad (link for that for those of you who missed it: )

•Hieronymus Bosch, of course, for those of you who have never looked closely at his "instruments" •Albert Joseph Penot's Bat Girl(I think 1890?) •Jesse Draxler//Jen Whitaker's work from a while back, although he's constantly coming out with great stuff •Jean Melville's Parsifal (1890?) •Julia Randall •Kim Sung Jin's Aphrodite (2007) •Takato Yamamoto •Barnaby Whitfield •A great movie on Netflix right now - Before I Disappear, highly recommended. One of my all time favorites now really. •Odd Nerdrum of course. Watch out for his upcoming solo show at Booth Gallery, absolutely incredible stuff

Here's a couple photos of the bowery pick guard I did for Nate over at Wholetone Guitars. Skimtop Kelly T Bowery Pine guitar. He's also getting a great Bowery Pine LesG.

Rick and I have a mini Grave model coming along to match the cathedral guitar.. Look out for more process shots on this one. FullSizeRender 41

You guys know by now how much I love and have followed the Kings Theatre.. well, when Bret and I were getting like 5 tons of old pine the other day, walking back we saw they were shooting something over there.  Didn't check any signs, wonder what it could be! If anybody finds out let me know!

  One more interesting thing you guys would probably enjoy.. 1930s Gibson Bret sent me that came in. What a neat old guitar! I'd buy it, so cool, photos in the soundhole. I wish I knew the story.

  I've got lots of work to do so I am leaving this as is. I will post more very soon, the Jimi Hendrix/"Merman" themed guitar is coming along very nicely. Here's a sneak peak of that so stay posted!